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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Square Paratha /Chapathi

Square Chapati is almost similar to our normal chapati. The major difference between them is their shaping during making .You can use either kind of flour wheat or maida. But I think maida is more suitable to make the square paratha.My mother in law is an expert in making these parathas.

Ingredients needed to make Square Paratha

1.Maida - 2 cup
2.Dalda/Ghee-5 to 6 tsp
4.Egg - 1 no

How to make Square Paratha

1.First to make the dough ,in a bowl take the floor ,add pinch of salt ,one egg and mix it very well to get a fine dough.Add ghee as to make the dough smoother.Now make small balls out of it .

 2.Now make nice sheet out of it,like that for chappathi.Now take one side and fold it towards the center.Make four sides like this .This make a complete pocket.

3.Spread some oil on the top of it.

4.Spread some flour and now start to roll it again.

 5.Now in a hot pan place the paratha and flip it till both sides are cooked well.You can spread ghee on the top it will make your paratha smoother.

The smooth and soft paratha is ready to be served .With mango pickle it goes well.Yummy and tasty