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Friday, June 24, 2011

puttu kerala recipe

It is the most common breakfast in kerala.It is very simple and easy to make needs only few minutes for cooking.Puttu maker is a steamer especially made for making the puttu.Puttu is cylindrical in shape but now a days chirattaputtu maker is also available.


1. Raw rice - 2 cup
2.Coconut grated -1 cup


1.Soak the rice for 2 to 3 hrs,then allow the rice to dry by placing it on a cloth and then grind it in to fine powder by a mixer.

2.Fry the rice flour to into dry.Now a days you will get the ready made puttu powder in the market.

3.Add some salt water to it and mix gently.The rice flour should be wet enough, keep stirring it with your fingers as it should remain in a powdered form and do not mould it in to a dough.

4.Now in the cylindrical vessel add handful of coconut and then 3 ,4 handful of coconut to it and then steam it on the puttu maker.By 2 or 3 mts the steam will come out of the vessel.Now the puttu is ready you can push it by a spatula..