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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Semiya Mango Moose

Ingredients For Semiya Mango Moose

1.Thick Semiya Payasam – 2 cup

2.Milk – ½ litre

3.Sugar – 125 gm

4.Custard Powder – 1 table spoon

5.Gelatin – 4 small tsp

6.Mango Pulp – 1 cup

7.whipping Cream – 250 gm

How to Make Semiya Mango Moose

1.Boil the milk and add the sugar to it and dissolve the sugar in the milk.

2.Take 2 tsp milk from this and dissolve the custard powder in this milk.Then add this to rest of boiled milk and keep it again boiled for 2 mts.And then turn off the fire.

3.Melt the gelatin by double boiling method and add this to the boiled milk ,also add the mango pulp to it and mix it well.

4.Then add the whipping cream to it and mix slowly.

5.Pour this moose mixture to a wine glass and fill 1/3 rd portion of the wine glass.And keep it in fridge for 15 mts.

6.After 15 mts fill the rest of wine glass with semiya payasam and keep it in fridge to become set.When it becomes chilled enough serve …………….