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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Finally i have been adsensed, my blog on is now with ads.

I have been suggested to apply for adsense by blogger itself when my monthly hits exceeded 1500 visits.

But after i ignored the suggestion to apply for a new adsense account my visits started to drop and it has come down to 30+ - 40+ visits a day.I had resisted it as i felt i wouldn't earn anything out of it but yet have my home infested by ads from strangers.

This far i have reached 20000 pageviews as reported by stats in while anlytics indicate that i have about 7500 visits so far after implementation of google analytics.while flag counter reports visits from 129 countries with 17,752 pageviews.

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While alexa has given the statistics as 12,xxx,xxx

I am more interested to see if my traffic would hike now.