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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mathi nellikka varattiyath -Chala curry in onakka nellikka

It sounds different that sardine means chala or mathi with gooseberry (nellikka).In many T.V shows I have seen the preparation of chala in nellikka.At that time i thought that it was really not a good combination.Yesterday my mother in law cooked it frankly speaking i didnt like the taste of it .But everyone else except my husband enjoyed it well.Some where else i have read that it is a traditional muslim recipe.

Ingredients needed to make mathi nellikka varattiyath

1.Mathi or chala - 5 no
2.Dried gooseberry - 4 to 6 no
3.Pepper corns - 2 tsp4.Garlic - 10 no
5.Coconut oil - 2 tsp
6.Water -1 cup

How to make Mathi nellikka varattiyath

1.Grind the peppercorns with little water.And crush the garlic .

2.For cooking any fish curry use earthen pot or man chatti this will add more taste to curry.Heat the oil in the manchatti and then add the crushed garlic and grounded pepper corns to it.Saute it for 3 mts .

3.Add curry leaves to it and salt then add the cleaned sardine and dried goosebeyy to it .

4.Cover it with a lid and then cook it till the fish is cooked well.Add the 2 tsp pasted gooseberry to it this will gives thickness to the curry.