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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mutta Pathiri or egg pathiri - A malabar recipe

I first tasted the mutta pathiri when my mother in law made it .Very simple recipe easy to cook,and preparation time is 5 to 6 mts.Ingredients are also less in number.

Ingredients needed to make Mutta Pathiri

1.Egg -2 no

2.Maida/All purpose flour - 1 cup


How to make Mutta Pathiri

1.Better mix the whole ingredients using an egg beater or mixer.

2.The whole ingredients should be mixed well and the batter should be in dosa batter consistency.

3.To prepare the mutta pathiri here we are using a special kind of pan made up of mud.If you do not have the pan you can also prepare it in non stick pan.

4.Gease the pan with ghee and then one spoonful of batter should be spread in a small round form.

5.There will be small holes in the mutta pathiri just same as that of appam.When it is done well take it out from the pan.