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Monday, June 11, 2012

Avalosunda -A traditional Kerala Snack

Yesterday i went to see my parents ,and was involved in making avalosunda.As it is considered as an evening snack of malayalees,it is very common in Kerala.But for my surprise today's generation including me doesn't know how to make this simple recipe.But it is really very risky one.

Ingredients needed to make Avalosunda.

1.Avalosu Podi - 3 Cup
2.Jaggery - 1 Kg
3.Cardamom Powder - 2 tsp

How to Make Avalosunda

1.First Crush the avalosu podi in to fine powder.

2.Then make the jaggery syrup with one thread consistancy.

3.Then mix the avalosupodi with jaggery syrup .Add the cardamom powder to it.

4.Then make small balls out of it .Dry out the balls by rolling in fine powder.

5.Now the balls is ready to be served.