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Friday, September 28, 2012

Makhne Ki kheer-Punjabi recipe

This is a well known Panjabi sweet,which is made from lotus seeds.Nowadays Lotus seeds are available in super markets.

Ingredients needed to make Makhane Ki Kheer

1.Lotus seeds - 1 cup
2.Milk - 5 cups
3.Sugar -nearly 1 cup
4.Ghee -2 tsp
5.Almond sliced - 1 tsp
6.Pistachios -1 tsp
7.Saffron stand - 3

How to make Makhane Ki Kheer

1.Heat the ghee in a pan and then saute the lotus seed in that ghee till it become crisp.Then crush it slightly and keep it aside.

2.Now heat the milk and when it starts to boil make it simmer and add the sugar to it.

3.Now add the crushed lotus seeds to it and bring it again boil.

4.when the kheer starts to turn thick turn off the fire and garnish it with pista and almonds.