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Monday, September 24, 2012

Punjabi Lassi -A Punjabi Sweet Drink

Panjabi people can not avoid lassi in their life.It is very easy to make ,simple and have a peculiar touch of difference in its taste.During my time in Hyderabad i tasted it several time .And i really enjoyed it.

Ingredients needed to make sweet Lassi

1.Thick Curd/Yogurt - 2 cups
2.Sugar -3/4 cup
3.Milk -1 cup
4.Ice cubes

How to Make Sweet Lassi

1.In a mixer mix the curd ,milk and sugar and blend it really well.

2.In a serving glass pour the lassi and serve it with ice cubes.

In the hot summer days it will relax you......Try this out .you can also add rose essence to it if you want different taste....