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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Banana ice cream

As the name indicate it is a different kind of ice cream.Normally we do not make this banana ice cream but those who want to try something different they can try this.I found it as very interesting .This recipe belongs to Lakshmi nair's MAGIC OVEN.

Ingredients needed to make Banana Ice cream

1.Robusta banana-3 n

2.Lemon juice-1 lemon

3.Milk maid - 1 tin

4.whipped cream - 3/4 cup

5.Chocolate-1/2 cu

How to prepare banana ice cream

1.Peel the skin of banana and grind them to a paste with lemon juice.

2.Take this to a big bowl ,and add the milk maid to this and mix well.

3.Add the whipped cream to this mix .And blend it well slowly.

4.Add the small chocolate pieces to this and mix it well.

5. In an ice cream tray pour the mix and keep it in the freezer for almost 8 hours.

6.Now the ice cream is ready to be served.