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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Through the streets of ajmeer

Ajmeer the land of  Sufi Saint Hazrat Kwaja garib Nawaz.My father is a great believer of this place.whenever any problems happens to his life all that time he remembes ajmeer durgha .And according to him all problems will meet it solution at the dhurga.I dont want to make a debate on this but still i believe on miracles.I too wish a miracle for me at the durgha.

It took almost a two day journey from kerala to reach ajmeer.And a weekly train "Marusagar express " starts on every sunday evening from Ernakulam reaches there on tuesday evening.Preferably january end or february will be suitable.We went there on december 29 th and the temperature was almost upto 4 degree .
We reached there almost 6 pm,and due to the cold over there we have to buy gloves.The streets of ajmeer is fully crowded during the midnight time.Small galees or roads filled with shops and people are all around the ajmeer dhurga sherrif.Shops which sells the rose flowers,chadder or piece of cloth which is the main in ajmeer.During the evening time i noticed one shop which sells hot milk mixed with badam.
Beggers ,dogs goats covered with sack ,chicken shops,sweet shops,pardha shops ,bangle shops .....