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Monday, March 16, 2015

Pineapple Pudding Without Egg

After a long time i am back in blogger.As last year i started a new job and i am very much busy with it and i didn't get any time to spare with it .So in my second entry i decided to start with a sweet dish .In my native place there is a lot of cultivation of pineapple.Last sunday when i visited over there i bought a sack full of pineapple from my land.I searched a lot of recipies through internet to get a fine one.Finally taking each and everyones contribution i fixed the following recipe.

Ingredients needed to make the pineapple pudding

1.Pineapple - 2 medium size
2.China grass/Gelatin - 10 gm
3.Sugar -1 cup or as to taste good
4.Milk - 1 litre
5.Cloves - 4 no
6.Milkmaid - 1 tin

How to Prepare Pineapple pudding

1.Peel the skin of pineapple and chop it into small pieces.

2.In a heavy bottom pan mix the pineapple with sugar and add cloves to it.Then bring it to boiling temperature till the pineapple cooked well and mixed well with sugar.

3.Now in another pan bring the milk to boil.Take a little milk out of it and dissolve the china grass in it by continuous stirring in low flame.

4.When the chingrass is fully done add it to the boiled milk and also add the milkmaid to it.Now mix it all very well.

5.Let the mixture to be cooled.Now in a geased pudding tray first place the cooked pineapple coated with sugar (remove all the cloves).Then pour the milk mixture above it.Cover the tray.And let it be cool in the fridge.

The delicious Pineapple pudding without egg is ready ...............Hope you all enjoy it.