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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Garlic Chicken - Simple Method

This reipe that i got from Asianet Cookery show ,i think this is the easiest way of making garlic chicken .As this is Ramzan time there will be always chicken in our home so lets try this .


1.Chicken boneless - 250 gm
2.Garlic chopped - 12 cloves
3.Onion in cube pieces - 3 table spoon
4.Capsicum in cube pieces - 2 table spoon
5.Celery - 2 table spoon
5.Butter - 3 table spoon
6.Chilli sauce - 2 table spoon
7.Soya sauce - 1 table spoon
8.Tomato sauce - 3 table spoon
9.Pepper powder - 1 table spoon
10.Sugar - 1/4 tsp
11.Corn flour - 1 table spoon
12.Refined oil


1.Cook the chicken with 1 table spoon butter ,little pepper powder,salt , and 1/4 cup of water in a cooker.Since we need the stock for the rest of the cooking .That is why i added 1/4 cup of water.

2.Melt 2 table spoon butter in a pan and saute the garlic in it then add the onions to it.When it is done add all the three sauces to it.Then add the pepper powder to it .Then add the capsicum to it.If you use colored capsicum it will add colored to your dish.

3.Then add the cooked chicken pieces to it and saute it well.Only add the chicken pieces to it.

4.Mix the corn flour in the chicken stock and add this to the cooked chicken.

5.In the last turn off the fire and add the sugar and celery to it.

Serve it hot with Nan and Roti......