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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kitchen Garden. What is, How to,

Kitchen Garden :

It is considered as a space separate from that of the rest of the house.Also it is a garden were we can grow vegetables ,fruits and herbs that are needed in the kitchen.we should plan to produce our own vegetable requirements in our backyards using the available fresh water as well as the kitchen and bathroom waste water.Cultivation in a small area like the backyard of our kitchen facilitates the methods of controlling pests and diseases through the removal of affected parts and non-use of chemicals.

How to select the land for kitchen garden

If there is sunny space available you can fix that space for kitchen garden.If there is no land available you can cultivate the vegetables in pots that can be keep on terrace.The major two factors that affect the cultivation are availability of water and proper drainage system.Nowadays most of the families are nuclear type so 100 sq meters will be sufficient.Depending upon the numbers of the family the size of the garden can be changed.
There is no particular shape for the kitchen garden but preferably rectangular shape.

How to prepare the land for kitchen gardening

After selecting the location for kitchen garden you have to prepare the land for cultivation by digging the area and by removing the stones ,bushes,weeds.And mix the soil with vermicompost,fertilizers to get better yield.You can plant the vegetables in ridges and furrows or in flat beds.If you are planting it in pot fill the pot with sand mixed with fertilizers or vermicompost.

How to select plant for kitchen garden

If you are think about kitchen garden every thing planted in the kitchen garden should be edible.Here i am giving a list of plants that may be planted in Indian climate.The plants in our Kitchen garden include vegetables,fruits,herbs.

Fruiting vegetables like brinjal,bittergourd,tomatoes,okra,green chillies, capsicum,curry leaves,coriander leaves,mint leaves,herbs like basil leaves ,small citrus plants, papaya ,tapioca can grow in the kitchen garden.