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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Robasta Custard - A good recipe from Shirin Musthafa

I got recipe from the Vanitha Magazine ,prepared by Shirin Musthafa .I tried it and the outcome was excellent so i decided to post this.Very simple and easy one with minimum number of ingredients.

Ingredients needed to make Robasta Custard

1.Robasta - 3 no
2.Milk - 1 ltr
3.Custard powder - 2 tsp
4.Sugar - 3 tsp
5.Vanila essence - 1 tsp
6.Cashew nuts and Kismis as needed

How to make Robasta Custard

1.Cut the robasta in to small pieces

2.Mix the milk with sugar and custard powder and bring it to boil.When it becomes thick add vanila essence to it and keep it aside.

3.Then add banana pieces ,cashew nuts and kismis to it .

Serve it chilled......................