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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Semiya Shajahan -A recipe from Vanitha magazine

Its being a long that i am writing any new recipe.I already wrote many famous both south and and north indian recipe.Yesterday i was just looking through some old Vanitha Magazine then i suddenly strike with the sweet dish of Mr A .R Ghan ,Excecutive shef of the Trident Hotel,Cochin.Ingredients are less in number and easy to cook.You can give surprise to your guest with this variety sweet.Let us go through the ingredients.

Ingredients needed to make Semiya Shajahan

1.Semiya/Vermicelly - 100 gm
2.Sugar - 50 gm
3.Ghee - 5 tsp
4.Badam - 10 gm
5.Kismis/Raisins - 10 gm
6.Kumkumapoov/Kesar -1 pinch
7.Rose water - 1 tsp

How to make Semiya Shajahan

1.Fry the vermicelly without ghee in a pan .And then wash it with hot water.

2.Then steam it in a steamer .

3.Take the vermicelly out ,and in a pan mix it with sugar.Then add raisins fried in ghee along with the ghee and the badam.

4.In the last stage add rose water and kesar to it and mix it well.

Delicious Semiya shajahan is ready to be served...............