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Thursday, December 19, 2013

paal kova /milk halwa

Yesterday evening when i was watching kairali channel i found Dr Lakshmi nair show in which she was in Tamilnadu with some one who was an expert in making paal kova.They were making this sweet dish with 10 ltrs of milk and here i changed it to 2 ltrs of milk and 200 gms of sugar.It is a sweet dish with really mouthwatering taste.But it needs more care and patience for making this sweet dish.

Ingredients needed to make Paal Kova

1.Milk-2 ltrs
2.Sugar -200gms

How to make Paal Kova

1.Take a large vessel or a nonstick pan ,pour the milk in and bring it to boil.

2.Stir it continously without sticking in the pan.When the milk become reduced to half and slightly thiick add the sugar to it.

3.When the milk become thick and turns to golden yellow in color turn off the flame.

4.You can cut it into shapes when it become cool.