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Sunday, October 2, 2011

What is called a chaat?

In lots of our food search we are hearing the term 'Chaat ' but actually what does it means?
uaually yhe road side snacks are come under the term chaat .And the shops which sells these kinds of chaat items are called 'Chaat Bhandar' .In Hindi the word chaat means (tasting,delicacy).Here goes some of the examples of chaat items.Like Dahi vada,Pani puri or Gol gappa,Bhel puri,Dahi puri ,Papri Chat,Sev puri,Aloo tikki,Pakora,Samosa Chaat,etc.

The Masala used in Chaat items are called 'Chaat Masala' which is prepared by mixing Amchur powder(Dry Mango powder),Cumin powder(jeera powder),Kala Namak (Black Salt),Coriander powder(Dhaniya powder),Black pepper ,Red pepper ,Dry ginger powder .But today in all supermarkets these Chaat Masala is available .

The Basic of every chaat item is a deep fried dough filled with various ingredients.And mostly all of them are served with tamarind sweet and sour chutney or green chutney.And with some item Dahi Or yogurt,chopped onions,coriander leaves will be served.

Now How the chaat items differ from each other

1.What is pani puri ?

It is a fried hollow puri filled with tangy water and fillings like potato,chick peas and onions.It is the most popular street food in India.And the following link will leads to its recipe.
pani puri,pani for pani puri

It will be small enough to fit in one's mouth.In street by Rs/10 you will get 6 to 8 pani puris.The Enghlish word meaning of golgappa is "Watery Indian Bread".

2.What is Bhel puri?

Bhel puri

It is a hot puffed rice with different kinds of vegetable mixed with a tangy tamarind sauce.Bhelpuri Is best in its taste when it is consumed as soon as it made.Because the puffed rice will become soggy by the juices from tomatoes,sauce and vegetables.Common ingredients for bhel puri is Puffed rice,sev,onion,tomatoes,tamarind sauce,and chillies.

3.What is Sev puri ?

It is a mixture of bhel puri, Sev,chutney and papdi or papri.And papdi or papri is a deep fried crispy dough wafers made from white flour. And sev is a deep fried noodle type made from Basen.

4.What is Dahi puri?

Dahi Puri

Dahi puri is a mixture of bhel puri ,chutney ,papdi with lots of yogurt .In Mumbai it is served in gol gappa filled with bhel puri,tangy sauce ,sev and lots of curd on top .Garnished with coriander leaves.

5.What is Papri chaat?

Papri chaat

Papdi or papri is a deep fried crispy dough wafers made from white flour. In papri chaat the papris are served with boiled potatoes,boiled chickpeas,chillis ,yogurt and tamarind sauce garnished with sev and chaat masala.