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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Napkin Folding

A napkin is a face towel or small cloth which is placed on table for whiping mouth while eating.A napkin is always folded and placed left of plate setting outside the fork.A napkin is always kept in a napkin folder or napkin ring.It is also known as serviette in some part of world.

Usually a napkin may held together in a bundle by a ring called napkin ring.And all the paper napkins are held together by a holder called napkin holder.

Usually when we are setting a table for lunch make sure that the napkin should be 17" *17" and. for dinner the napkin should be 20" *20".There are different kinds of napkin foldings are available. There are almost 40 to 50 types different kinds of napkin foldings are there.If we are arranging a casual dinner we can use paper napkins but if are arranging a formal dinner we have to use cloth napkins.

cotton or linen cloths are more suitable for table napkins as they will hold better.And starching napkins will help with creases and folds.

1.Crown napkin fold -If you want your guest to feel like prince or princess use this crown napkin fold for table.

2.Piramid napkin fold

3.Bird of paradise

4.Arrow napkin fold

5.Diamond Fold

6.Cone Fold

7.French fold

8.Bishop's hat

9.Rosebud napkin fold

10.Sail napkin fold

11.Standing Fan

12.Tha slide fold

13.Rose napkin fold

14.Neck tie fold

15.The shirt fold

16.Candle napkin fold

17.Basic silverware pouch

18.Fancy silverware pouch

19.Silverware napkin roll

20.Diamond silverware pouch

21.Candle fan goblet

22.Goblet fan

23.Fleur de Lys Goblet

24.The lily goblet

25.Basic napkin ring stuffer

26.Napkin ring fan fold

27.Twin candle ring roll

28.Fan napkin fold

29.Pure and simple fold

30.Peacock napkin fold

31.Trefoil napkin ring fold

32.Triangular lunch fold

33.Orchid napkin fold

34.Heart napkin fold

35.Water lilly napkin fold

36.Swan napkin folding