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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sondesh or Sandesh Recipe -Bengali Sweet

Sondesh or Sandesh is a Bengali sweet .Sondesh is traditional bengali sweet dish prepared with paneer (cottage cheese) and Khoya.

Ingredients For Sandesh or Sondesh

1.Khoya Grated -1/2 cup
2.Paneer (Cottage Cheese) -150 gm
3.Almonds ,sliced thin in lengthwise - 6-8 no
4.Elaichi crushed (cardamom) - 4 to 6
5.Kesar (saffron) - 6 to7 no
6.Sugar - 6 tsp

How to make Sandesh or Sondesh

1.In a bowl blend the paneer,khoya and sugar really well.Use a blender or back of katori for this.

2.Add elaichi ,kesar and almonds to it.Set it in a layer about 1/2 "thickness.

3.Refrigerate it and cut it in diamond shapes.