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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Unsafe Sex in India

Yesterday when i was going through the newspaper i noticed one article regarding with sexual harassment towards women.As per one survey in India there has been 800 % increase in rape cases in the last 40 years .Not only women are abused in the country but also the child rape has been increased.

According to the report women from small towns do not take the necessary precautions in big cities,adding to their vulnerability.Today men have increased access to see the porn films,even the school students are also watching porn movies,this is some other form of stimulation for them.

What is happening to the rape victims?After hearing a lot of non sense questions from the police,media,and advocates what is left for them.If some one is holding your hand with out your permission it will create a lot of irritation to you.Then think about if someone is forcefully doing intercourse.

There have been shocking instance where the victims have been asked to marry their violators.So the court find marriage as the solution for rape.This happens only in India,where they find marriage as the solution .Rape victims abroad never worry about who would marry them .But in India the worry with urban families is who will marry the girl.

In India what is the definition for rape laws.In India ,rape is defined as intentional,unlawful sexual intercourse with a woman ,without her permission.The future of the victims looks bleak and scary .They all feel hollow inside.